Unpleasant present from Singapore

Categories: Personal

Due to VISA reasons, I travelled to Singapore last week. I’m afraid that despite the VISA I also got my self a rather unpleasant present. While I haven’t felt well the previous days, today the flu got me good. I spend the entire day in bed having tea and soup. It really sucks being ill and I hope to feel better tomorrow.

JavaScript30 – Day 15.5

Categories: Education

Seems I was too focused on https://javascriptforwp.com/courses/bootcamp-jan-march-2019/ today. Just realized that I need to leave the hotel and won’t have time to take care of my daily exercises of https://javascript30.com today. Am I regretting this? Well, a bit. But I learned a lot about DOM handling today. And, on a side note, I got my VITAS in Singapore, which is the first step towards my KITAS and KITAP. Thus, it had been a successful and valuable day after all.