Codewars: Find the unique number 👨‍💻

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A while ago, I signed up at to practice both my PHP and JS skills. I decided to publish my results and to compare them with the best practice solution if found, thus, here we go.


Given an array with at least three numbers.All numbers are equal except one.Find the unique numer.

My solution:

View this gist on GitHub

Best practice:

View this gist on GitHub



Using YouTube API to show videos automatically on WordPress site

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“A picture is worth a thousand words”
Moving pictures are even better! Thus, a while ago a friend asked me to help her show the most recent three videos from her YouTube channel on her website. Of course, I could have told her to copy and paste the YouTube URL into the editor, as WordPress provides 30+ embeds put of the box. This solution, however, would require that every time she uploads a video to YouTube, she would then have to manually add the video to her WordPress site.