JavaScript30 – Day 1

Another year, another challenge. Last year, I attempted the 30 Days of Node.js challenge, which I failed after 16 days due to various factors. My main takeaways from that challenge have been that daily practice really helps to master a subject, but also that it’s sometimes hard to do the daily exercise due to travelling or other circumstances. While I refused to prepare exercises upfront or catch up later, when travelling, this time I’ll do so, to finish the 30 days exercise, even if that means that I only wrote JavaScript code for a few days less.

So far so good, but how do I challenge myself this time? For the next 30 days, I’ll focus on JavaScript30 — A Free 30 day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge from Wes Bos. Day 1 started with a JavaScript Drum Kit and the final code can be found on 01 – JavaScript Drum Kit. Besides creating teh JavaScript Drum Kit, I also learned where to look up  JavaScrip Event KeyCodes.

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