WordPress: Bulk-delete featured images

After switching to a different theme, I wanted to bulk-delete all featured images. On wpbeginner, I found the following snippet, which worked like a charm. Simply add it to your functions.php, refresh your site and then remove the snippet again.

Jetpack: Fix related posts in WordPress 5.3

Earlier today, WordPress 5.3 got release. Unfortunately, this seems to have affected Jetpacks related posts. Instead of centred, the related posts were suddenly left aligned. I went ahead and added the following code to my site, which not only centred the related posts but also made that container wider. This is the CSS code I’ve […]

WordPress Meetup Ubud

It’s time for another WordPress Meetup Ubud. I’m looking forward to getting together next Thursday at The Onion Collective. Detailed information can be found on All things WordPress.

Patchwork #46104

This is my fourth patch in a row and I start to get used to it! It’s yet another small one to improve the overall experience. This one it’s actually a tiny grammatical change. The Trac ticket can be found on Documentation improvement and my patch can be viewed on 46104-3.patch.

Patchwork #46108

Another day, another patch. Today, I’ve enhanced the file contributing.txt that my colleague Kjell recently added to the Twenty Nineteen theme in the WordPress core. The Trac ticket can be found on Twenty Nineteen: Include contributing.txt file with Sass compiler instructions and my patch can be viewed on 46108-1.diff.

Patchwork #46099

Recently, the Twenty Nineteen theme had been moved from Github to Trac. As Twenty Nineteen is the first core theme that uses npm and therefore contains a node_modules folder, running grunt resulted in an error. I just created a minor patch, to solve this issue, and to make WordPress yet a little bit better. 😀 The […]

Patchwork #45912

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” This quote of Vincent Van Gogh suits perfectly to my core contributions. Even though they’re not big, yet they ensure to make WordPress even better. Having said that, I just submitted a small patch to ensure that <hr>‘s are shown in full-width instead […]

How to contribute to Gutenberg

Contributing to an open source project can be fun. But how to get started? The following simple steps should get you up and running and empower you to contribute to open source projects on Github.