Hanne & Lore – Tonband für den Badestrand

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Badestrand is the German word for bathing beach and although the official bathing beach season is over in Germany, there’s always a beach anywhere on the globe that is nice and warm and that can benefit from this fantastic set of Hanne & Lore. I’m sure, even my friends back in Germany enjoy this set despite the current whether conditions.


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A while ago, a good friend infected me with the Rubik’s Cube virus. I went ahead and got myself a 2×2, a 3×3 and a 4×4 cube to begin with. A few days ago, I extended my collection by a 5×5 and a 6×6. I absolutely love playing with the Rubik’s Cubes.
And as I’ve looked up various videos on YouTube on how to solve the cube, I just stumbled upon a fantastic Dutch animation named Scrambled:

Don’t worry, no one talks in the video, thus, even if you don’t speak Dutch, you’ll enjoy the animation.

No patchwork today?

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Nah … not today. I kept myself busy with engineering happiness for Automattic as well as having a great meeting with my good friend and best man Mark from Gunung An and The Onion Collective about his websites. I do have to admit that I’m a big fan of the Genesis Framework and as Mark’s thinking about redesigning the existing pages, I suggesting using the Genesis Framework.

Unpleasant present from Singapore

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Due to VISA reasons, I travelled to Singapore last week. I’m afraid that despite the VISA I also got my self a rather unpleasant present. While I haven’t felt well the previous days, today the flu got me good. I spend the entire day in bed having tea and soup. It really sucks being ill and I hope to feel better tomorrow.