How can lb and lbs be the acronyms for pound? 🧐

Lb is an abbreviation of the Latin word libra. The primary meaning of libra was balance or scales (as in the astrological sign), but it also stood for the ancient Roman unit of measure libra pondo, meaning “a pound by weight.” We got the word “pound” in English from the pondo part of the libra pondo but our abbreviation comes from the libra. The libra is also […]

GitHub: 100 days and counting

Exactly 100 days ago I planned to do one contribution to GitHub for at least 100 days. While it was not always easy to create a contribution due to travelling, I’m glad I made it! I just accomplished my 100-day GitHub streak!

I’m now a Bug Gardener 👨‍🌾

Two days ago, Sergey informed me that he added me as a Bug Gardener 👨‍🌾. I can now assign owners to issues, resolve them, close them, etc. That’s how the interface looks that I can no access in Trac:

First wedding anniversary

Today, Devin and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary. As we’re both free today, we went to Sunda Kelapa Harbour and Fatahillah Square. Now, we’re reflecting the previous year and contemplating our future at Café Batavia.

GitHub: Move .git to the parent directory

During development, we follow a specific file and folder structure. It’s common that things change during development. And in some cases, it’s necessary to move .git to the parent directory. This post shows how to achieve that.

Jetpack: Fix related posts in WordPress 5.3

Earlier today, WordPress 5.3 got release. Unfortunately, this seems to have affected Jetpacks related posts. Instead of centred, the related posts were suddenly left aligned. I went ahead and added the following code to my site, which not only centred the related posts but also made that container wider. This is the CSS code I’ve […]

Adjust GROUP_CONCAT() maximum length

I’m currently working on a redesign of a site of a good friend. He’s a professional photographer from Amsterdam and I built his first site in 2011. Back then, I build his site with nexCMS, my very own CMS, which was based on the Zend Framework. Throughout the years, my friend created almost 4000+ posts […]

Hanne & Lore – Tonband für den Badestrand

Badestrand is the German word for bathing beach and although the official bathing beach season is over in Germany, there’s always a beach anywhere on the globe that is nice and warm and that can benefit from this fantastic set of Hanne & Lore. I’m sure, even my friends back in Germany enjoy this set […]

What does ATM stand for?

While driving through Jakarta, I passed a sign saying ATM. I used ATMs around the globe countless times, but I never asked myself what ATM actually stands for. My first thought was “Automated Transaction Machine”. My second thought was, transactions are triggered my humans, thus, they’re not automated. Then, I thought that ATM might stand […]