Christopher Columbus – Discovering the New World and his Legacy

Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer and navigator, is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in maritime history. His voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492 is considered a pivotal moment in world history, marking the beginning of European exploration and colonization of the Americas. In this blog post, we will take a […]

10 Most Important Maritime Figures in History

The world’s oceans have played a vital role in shaping human history, from enabling trade and exploration to facilitating warfare and conquest. Throughout the centuries, numerous individuals have left their mark on maritime history, either through their daring voyages, innovative technologies, or exceptional leadership. In this post, we will explore the top 10 most important […]

WooCommerce: Activate and deactivate PayPal Standard

Since WooCommerce 5.5, PayPal Standard will no longer be loaded by default. The official recommendation is using PayPal Payments. Unfortunately, this extension is incompatible with the new Checkout block, that is available since WooCommerce 6.9. Activating PayPal Standard Luckily, activating PayPal Standard is pretty straightforward and requires the following steps: Deactivating PayPal Standard Unfortunately, deactivating […]

WordPress: Bulk-delete featured images

After switching to a different theme, I wanted to bulk-delete all featured images. On wpbeginner, I found the following snippet, which worked like a charm. Simply add it to your functions.php, refresh your site and then remove the snippet again.

WooCommerce: Reorder EU VAT field on checkout page

The EU VAT Number extension allows store owners to offer tax-free orders from EU businesses with a valid VAT number. By default, the EU VAT field is placed at the bottom of the billing fields. But what if you want to move that field to another potision?

GitHub: 222 days and counting

For 222 consecutive days, I created at least one commit on GitHub every day. Initially, I planned to do one commit for at least 100 days. Now, that I already doubled that number, I’m aiming for 365 days while dreaming about 1000 days.

GitHub: 170 days and counting

Initially, I planned to do one commit a day for at least 100 consecutive days. Well, that was 170 days ago, and I’m still creating at least one commit a day. As you can see on the chart above, recently I haven’t built many skyscrapers, thus, it’s about time to create another section of high-rising […]