Travel back in time

Yesterday Devin and I proceeded our journey and travelled from Amsterdam to Enkhuizen to visit Arno on his ship, the Broedertrouw. The Broedertrouw is a 2 mast tall sail ship, 36 meter long, built in 1880 and birth place for my addiction in knot tying. As expected the weather was cold, windy and rainy. After a great discussion and fantastic traditional Dutch food we went to bed.

Earlier today we then visited the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen. The museum gives visitors an impression how daily life was a few hundred years ago and it contains of two parts: Indoor Museum and Outdoor Museum. In the Indoor Museum visitors can see a few ships and various products from that time. The Outdoor Museum shows an entire village. We finished our museum trip with a nice boat trip and Hollandse Nieuwe (soused herring). Now we’re on the road again to visit my good friend Danny in Enschede. Can’t wait to see him again and to introduce him to Devin.

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