Hello Holland

Probably some of my Dutch friends would correct me now and tell me that Holland is not the name of the country, but the name of a province. To be precise the name of two provinces: North Holland and South Holland. The country itself is called the Netherlands which means ‘the low lands’.

Yesterday we travelled from Aachen (Germany) via Brussels (Belgium) to Dordrecht (Netherlands). We got on the train … travelled … and got of the train. Not a immigration officer, border control or passport check. Travelling in Europe is fantastic and after living in South East Asia for the previous three years I appreciate that freedom even more. It was great to see my old friends in Dordrecht again. Due to our tight schedule we could only stay one night there.

Today we proceeded our journey and took a train to Amsterdam, where we gonna stay for the next days. Amsterdam welcomed us with strong wind and hard rain. Luckily the sky cleared up and the rain stopped by now. Devin is looking forward to explore the history, architecture and infrastructure of the city and I’m happy to share all my knowledge with her.

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