WordPress 5.1 RC2

Earlier today, WordPress 5.1 RC2 had been released. You can either test it by using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or by downloading the source code.

According to the schedule, WordPress 5.1 should be released on Thursday, February 21. Until then, plugin developers are encouraged to test their plugins against WordPress 5.1. In addition, contributors are encouraged to translate the upcoming release.

WordPress 5.1 RC2


A while ago, a good friend infected me with the Rubik’s Cube virus. I went ahead and got myself a 2×2, a 3×3 and a 4×4 cube to begin with. A few days ago, I extended my collection by a 5×5 and a 6×6. I absolutely love playing with the Rubik’s Cubes.

And as I’ve looked up various videos on YouTube on how to solve the cube, I just stumbled upon a fantastic Dutch animation named Scrambled:

Don’t worry, no one talks in the video, thus, even if you don’t speak Dutch, you’ll enjoy the animation.

No patchwork today?

Nah … not today. I kept myself busy with engineering happiness for Automattic as well as having a great meeting with my good friend and best man Mark from Gunung An and The Onion Collective about his websites. I do have to admit that I’m a big fan of the Genesis Framework and as Mark’s thinking about redesigning the existing pages, I suggesting using the Genesis Framework.

Patchwork #46099

Recently, the Twenty Nineteen theme had been moved from Github to Trac. As Twenty Nineteen is the first core theme that uses npm and therefore contains a node_modules folder, running grunt resulted in an error. I just created a minor patch, to solve this issue, and to make WordPress yet a little bit better. 😀

The Trac ticket can be found on Ignore theme based node_modules and my patch can be viewed via 46099.diff.

Patchwork #45912

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

This quote of Vincent Van Gogh suits perfectly to my core contributions. Even though they’re not big, yet they ensure to make WordPress even better. Having said that, I just submitted a small patch to ensure that <hr>‘s are shown in full-width instead of in Gutenberg’s shortened version.

The Trac issue can be viewed on Twenty Nineteen: Horizontal rule is very narrow and my patch can be viewed via 45912.diff.